What problems does Theca solve?

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Theca’s ecosystem
The Theca Project

The Theca Project is designed to solve many problems.

The literary works are very precious for humanity and Theca wants to create an ecosystem in which authors can express freely their art, avoiding copyright issues and providing an intermediary free platform.

How can we do that?

With the blockchain technology and especially Theca’s DApp’s peer-to-peer system, it is possible to avoid the connection filters on navigation. Theca wants to reach people worldwide and has set ambitious goals on its roadmap phases.

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5 of Theca’s main goals

Theca has many goals and it stands as a precursor of a revolutionary system. Thanks to this project the access to knowledge is decentralized, so there is no need for intermediaries. For these reasons Theca is the future of the literary industry.

The ecosystem of Theca is articulated and organized and allows to:

✅ Protect copyright

Thanks to smart contracts, the author’s works are protected against unauthorized copies. The peculiar characteristics of this innovative system are decentralization, transparency, security, immutability and consensus. The properties of transparency and security make smart contracts reliable. They erase any likelihood of manipulation, error, and guarantee confidence in execution.

✅ Spread knowledge

Blockchain technologies and DApps allow to overcome barriers and filters that have limited the access to the web. Surely what makes the Blockchain a digital innovation is its transparency and decentralization, in addition to the reduced transaction cost (because it is a peer-to-peer network), to being a service available every day 24 hours a day and the possibility to have control over the network, with no intermediaries.

✅ Eliminate intermediation

Theca facilitates direct interactions between the parties with immediacy, speed and traceability. This is thanks to the very nature of Blockchain, which gives the opportunity to obtain greater transparency, trust and security between people.

✅ Promote author’s works

The sharing economy has rethought the exchange of goods and services between people by redesigning digital society. The concrete benefits are not only for the individual but also for the whole community.
In this scenario Theca shares the literary works, the works of thousands of authors, texts and NFTs, and “lives” thanks to its ecosystem that connects people and makes possible the development of DApps and digital platforms.

The sharing economy is provided with the THECA token present within the ecosystem, in order to help authors monetize their works and connect with their communities, using a smart platform to upload their contents.

✅ Support cultural initiatives

Theca’s Spread Program and Partnerships will support the projects of cultural and social institutions, without unnecessary intermediation costs and bureaucratic waiting.

The best way to preserve knowledge is to keep it alive.

Curious about Theca’s ecosystem?

Embrace our philosophy and create the first blockchain library with us!

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Theca is the decentralized project that aims to spread knowledge without geographical, linguistic or cultural limits. Theca, the first blockchain library.