Theca’s Phase #2 just started!

3 min readJan 10, 2022


Theca Phase #2 just started!
Phase #2 started

– 2022 will be a great year for the development of the Theca project, stay up to date to know more about Theca’s Ecosystem!

Hi everyone!

This year begins with a new phase for Theca.

Interest in the project is increasing dramatically and we are enthusiastic and focused more than ever on the next steps!

Here are the goals that Theca project has set for this year:

January 2022

Private Sale

To feed the liquidity pool, a private sale is set up. It can only be attended by invitation. We are looking for new investors who believe in the project and in the cultural initiatives linked to Theca.

January 2022


To keep decisions and actions transparent, Theca establishes its own DAO. The rules imposed by the code that constitutes the smart contract, are publicly verifiable by everyone. Decisions and actions are taken by the entire community, in total alignment with Theca’s values: transparency of financial transactions within the public register, the concept of democracy, non-exclusion of the individual, privacy and anonymity, voluntary participation and collaboration.

February 2022

White Paper

The entire project developments and ideas in support of the Theca ecosystem are ordered, described and defined in our official technical document. The White Paper will be our instruction manual and will be published promptly with each release.

Q1 2022

Listing Exchange

The Theca project is ready to be listed on the major Exchanges. A new economy is created based on the exchange of Theca with other crypto coins or stable coins. The first step of the Theca ecosystem is underway.

Q1 2022

Theca Wallet

The official Theca Wallet is created for Token and NFTs holding and for the authentication and operation of the ecosystem. Consultation, creation and sharing of works. The wallet is a part of the project that brings the user closer to the new Web3.

Q3 2022

Theca DApp

The decentralized application published in the Theca ecosystem allows everyone to take advantage of the archived content. It is possible to create new works and establish new collaborations between authors, publishers and users. A new way to create, study and educate yourself!

Q1 2022

Archiving of works

The processing phase begins. Our system starts to archive and protect the works and the publications that are proposed by our team, community, partners and publishers.

Q3 2022

Theca sharing economy

The economy within the Theca DApp occurs through the use of our token. A method for the exchange between authors, publishers and users, who will be able to receive the right commission and create new inter-collaborative cultural initiatives, without having to run into unnecessary intermediation costs and waits.

Q4 2022

Theca Spread Program

In order to make the Theca project known, an Ambassador program is created and launched, in collaboration with publishers, such as libraries, cultural associations and local initiatives. Official Theca meetups will be organized, with the aim of feeding the ecosystem, presenting the project to new authors and supporting the various initiatives.

Q4 2022

Global partnership

Launch of partnerships to promote the Theca project.

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On our website, all the information about the project, the road map, the principles and values ​​of Theca, our mission, the specifications on Tokenomics and the future download of the Theca Wallet.

Find out more about our goals by checking out our roadmap!

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Theca is the decentralized project that aims to spread knowledge without geographical, linguistic or cultural limits. Theca, the first blockchain library.