Theca’s new website just released!

2 min readFeb 25, 2022


New Theca’s website
New Theca’s website

The ever evolving Theca’s ecosystem has launched a new release of its website.

Here what are the updates about:

✅ Theca DAO

As written on Theca Wiki “Theca DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization with a single purpose: To provide a digital and secure ledger, which keeps track of financial interactions, fights against forgery using a trusted “timestamp” and stores all information in a decentralized way. Transparency, traceability and democracy are the main features of Theca DAO.”

Theca DAO is a community-run, community-governed decentralized autonomous organization. All the changes are made through proposals and voted on by holders of the THECA governance token. With a solid proposal system any decisions are made through a governed vote including what, how, and when Theca DAO proposals are made.

Learn more about Theca DAO and how it works here.

✅ Tokenomics

This new website release underlines new specifics on THECA Tokenomics.

THECA Token is deployed on the Solana Blockchain and its distribution is simplified in a clear chart where 60% of the Tokens will go to the Community, 10% to Team & Dev, 10% for Pre sale, 6% for Rewards & AirDrop, 9% to the Founders, 5% as Reserve.
Circulation is at 48 months and it is described in the specific column chart, which indicates a clear breakdown of how THECA tokens will be distributed.

Find out more about distribution and THECA token circulation and start holding THECA right away!

✅ Lite Paper 09.1

The Theca’s Lite Paper is regularly released as a quick overview on Theca Project. It is a useful resource to better describe Theca’s goals and values, a shareable document which will help you to introduce your friends to Thecas’s ecosystem.
Find out the Lite Paper here.

✅ New translations available

Find out new languages on the website!

✅ Blog

Theca aims to spread knowledge. That is why a blog section is a must in order to share more Theca’s news with the world.

The blog is regularly updated with news about the ecosystem, but also with AirDrop communications, events, literary analysis and new authors’ insights. A leap into literature, culture and blockchain technology.

Curious about Theca’s ecosystem?

Embrace our philosophy and create the first blockchain library with us!
Visit our new website and join our communities to stay up to date about Theca’s development and features.

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Theca is the decentralized project that aims to spread knowledge without geographical, linguistic or cultural limits. Theca, the first blockchain library.