Theca, the first blockchain library

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Theca, changing the literary industry
To give to everyone the opportunity to have access to knowledge.

Dear Community,

We are thrilled to introduce you to Theca.

We are building the first blockchain library, Theca is changing the literary industry.

We are making sure that copyright is simplified and protected, that works are protected from fake copies, we are spreading knowledge and overcoming all types of socio-political barriers, we are creating a new exchange economy within a new and revolutionary ecosystem, we are combining the literary industry within the innovative world of blockchain and decentralization.

Our journey has just started and we are happy to see that many of you have already joined our journey!

What is Theca

Theca is the decentralized project that aims to protect, spread and promote literary works. A new ecosystem, owned by the community and controlled by the authors, in which anyone can express their art, aware that it will be protected and promoted thanks to a decentralized ecosystem. Authors and readers, but also publishers, investors and developers are linked together.

Theca eliminates intermediaries and gives authors the freedom to monetize their work thanks to fast and tracked transactions and to a single token (THECA) for the ecosystem.

Theca does not set itself geographical, political or socio-cultural limits, but reaches anyone by overcoming any type of barrier linked to sex, religion, culture, sexual orientation or social status.

Theca is for people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve, spread and promote knowledge without geographical limits and protect the copyright and the ownership of the works.

Theca’s decentralized ecosystem will provide the community of authors, readers and publishers with an intermediary-free literary environment that will become the industry benchmark and will help authors with the attribution, distribution and monetization of their content stored in blockchain.

Why Theca?

To protect

Theca protects author’s work

The authors’ work is precious for humanity, but it is not always protected and it is hardly accessible to anyone. Theca wants to give all authors a place to freely express their art, protecting copyright, breaking the chains of censorship and simplifying the publication of new works, without further intermediaries. The blockchain will serve as a register of the works archived, which recognizes the real authorship of each publication. Smart contracts protect copyright and automate the online sale of creative works, prevent the distribution of works without the author’s consent and eliminate the risk of unauthorized copying.

Theca improves author monetization, promoting greater visibility and creative freedom.

To spread

Theca spreads knowledge

Theca is the decentralized project that aims to spread knowledge, without geographical, linguistic or cultural limits, by connecting the literary industry to the innovative world of blockchain and decentralization. Theca overcomes prejudices related to sex, sexual orientation or social status and eliminates socio-political obstacles, reaching disadvantaged categories and ethnic groups who have poor access to education. Through blockchain technology and the peer-to-peer system, it is possible to overcome barriers and filters that, in many countries, have limited the access to the web. A real ecosystem that puts authors and readers in direct contact and reaches realities that were previously inaccessible.

Knowledge becomes inclusive.

To promote

Theca supports copyright and promotes sharing economy

Thanks to the sharing economy, Theca supports copyright by facilitating direct interactions between the parties with immediacy, speed and traceability and eliminating intermediation. The Theca token, present within the ecosystem, will be used to create a real economy to support the author and the projects of cultural and social institutions, simplifying the interlibrary economy and the promotion of works lending. A single currency for the economy of copyright and for the spread of works. Authors, publishers and users will be able to receive the right remuneration and create partnerships in support of cultural initiatives without having to incur in unnecessary intermediation costs and bureaucratic waiting.

Stay tuned!

We are excited to share more about Theca and our journey in future posts and announcements.

What does the future of the literary industry look like?

Stay Tuned!

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Theca is the decentralized project that aims to spread knowledge without geographical, linguistic or cultural limits. Theca, the first blockchain library.