Referral winner list of Theca AirDrop is out!

2 min readJan 7, 2022


Referral winner list of Theca AirDrop
Theca Referral Winner List

Dear community

We are glad to share the official referral winner list of the Theca AirDrop!!!

The AirDrop had more than 80.000 valid participants!

Since the participants did a great job with the referral program, we are happy to share with the community this amazing result!!

We are always looking for people who believe in Theca values ​​and your commitment is the proof that you believe in the project!

Here the complete list with winners Twitter accounts and numbers of users referral:

  1. Giang01939852 with 21892 users referral
  2. PhmTunLc2 with 17213 users referral
  3. mrdhosyahputra with 14104 users referral
  4. DoanHuyen8 with 4213 users referral
  5. shopkyconline with 3598 users referral
  6. puncerr with 2666 users referral
  7. masayuuputri with 2500 users referral
  8. xucolin2 with 1936 users referral
  9. CoffinArima with 1929 users referral
  10. hihiduyok1234 with 1673 users referral
  11. NoahFel51204112 with 1648 users referral
  12. AarzooCh with 1477 users referral
  13. hatghn4 with 984 users referral
  14. Leba171 with 926 users referral
  15. stacksofgreen with 720 users referral
  16. Anakwedok20 with 557 users referral
  17. Spplatfrom with 531 users referral
  18. buiquangluc1996 with 503 users referral
  19. kerimsaruhan with 214 users referral
  20. TriPratama with 195 users referral

Congrats to the winners!!!!

Thank you so much for your participation, it’s been insane!

If you like what we do, consider clapping to encourage us to push boundaries even further.

Please note:
Distribution starting from January 20th

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Theca is the decentralized project that aims to spread knowledge without geographical, linguistic or cultural limits. Theca, the first blockchain library.